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Berries in a bucket
Berry Barn
Picking Berries
Registration Station
Picking Berries
We ask our customers to register at the Berry Barn each visit. This helps us to keep track of the customers in the field as well as monitor how well the field is producing.
There is a sign hanging from the overhead beam that covers the basics.
1. Sign in the registration book.
2. Get one of the yellow 1 gal buckets.
3. Pick your berries.
4. Return to the Berry Barn.
5. Transfer your berries into bags (provided).
6. Enter how many gallons you picked in the registration book.
7. Place cash or check into envelope.
8. Put your name on the envelope.
9. Put envelope into the blue strong box on the post.
10. Put the bucket back on the bucket tree.
Our prices for this season.

$12.00 a gallon
$6.00 a half gallon
Thank you for your patronage!